2D Laser Profile Gaging Machine

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Cincinnati Automation releases an automated 2D Laser Profile Gaging Machine designed to measure step changes between two surfaces on a critical edge of parts to 0.001” accuracy. The gaging system controller could also be programmed to check gap width, intersection angle and flatness of these and similar parts.

The machine included two Keyence LJ-G series 2D laser displacement sensors with controller and large LCD display. Parts were manually loaded by operator on to a VFD motor driven linear walking beam assembly where they were stepped into the gaging system at speeds of up to one part every two seconds.

The system included a user friendly touch screen HMI for quick and easy part number selection, good, bad and total part counts. CA’s inspection and gaging systems are typically programmed to transmit pass/fail results to customer’s PC for ongoing data collection.

CA offers a complete line of gaging and inspection systems to process a wide range of part geometry and sizes. These systems could include vision cameras, laser displacement sensors, laser micrometers or 2D profiling lasers along with the material handling and automation to support the project requirements.