Assembly and Inspection Systems for Hood Latch Assembly

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Assembly and Inspection SystemsCincinnati Automation releases a new line of Automated Assembly and Inspection Systems designed for automotive applications such as hood latch assembly.

The systems include precision part nests with holding clamps as required, dual computer controlled nut runners, high resolution Keyence machine vision cameras and laser part presence sensors.

Also included are a Zebra label printer for completed good parts, a Siemens PLC and user friendly 8″ color HMI operator interface.

Optional items typically include: vibratory feeder bowls for small component parts, servo or pneumatic pick and place systems for part loading, bar code scanner for part number and quantity entry, Industrial PC for pass/fail results data collection, and operator password entry & logging. Other 2-6 part assembly and check systems are available from CA as required by application.