Automated In-line Leak Tester

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Automated In-line Leak TesterCincinnati Automation releases an automated in-line helium leak tester for sealed connector housings.

The dual sided design allowed one system to be under test while the material handling robot picked and placed up to 8 parts for the other side.

Dual mass spectrometers, vacuum assist pumps and custom valve blocks were programmed to complete the leak testing. A custom 8 part gripper with some physical part compliance allowed parts to be picked from new to older worn pallets.

Full pallets were transferred from a driven roller conveyor into leak test machine and then raised into a final unload and reload location. An AB SLC-500 PLC and Panelview HMI were used for the machine control systems and function display.

Custom screens with graphical flow charts and performance data included individual chamber test results. Components were housed in a heavy duty tubular steel frame and large Nema-12 enclosure.