Automated Inspection System designed to check medical device packaging

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Cincinnati Automation releases a new Automated Inspection System designed to check medical device packaging and verify correct assembly of small medical device kits. The system included 2 independent Keyence machine vision controllers with high resolution cameras and LCD displays. One vision system used blue LED lighting, blue pass filters on lens and was programmed to inspect the seals around a clear cellophane package. The second system utilized an integrated LED back light conveyor to check for contamination in the package.

This system was also programmed to verify kit assembly. Packages were manually placed on the horseshoe shaped 1st inspection conveyor where good units were advanced to the 2nd inspection station and eventually returned to the load/unload operator via a part shingling conveyor. Bad parts were contained inside of the inspection machine cabinet in two electrically interlocked reject bin drawers.

The entire system was designed to be installed inside of a clean room. The system included a user friendly touch screen HMI for quick and easy part number selection, good, bad and total parts inspected counts.

CA offers a complete line of automated inspection systems to process a wide range of part or assembly sizes. Optional items for CA systems typically include: servo or pneumatic pick and place systems for part loading, bar code scanner for part number and quantity entry, box and label printers, Industrial PC for pass/fail results data collection, and operator password entry & logging.