Cincinnati Automation Applications Engineer Participates in “Breakfast with an Engineer” STEM Event

Alex Smith, Applications Engineer with Cincinnati Automation participated in a great event at a local high school this week to help educate young students about the critical field of Engineering. The event is part of the growing trend of secondary educational institutions creating STEM clubs that are trying to bring STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) back to the forefront of education for the youth of today. This event was centered around Engineers from all different sectors: Computer Programming, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, and the business side of Engineering.

Alex said: “When you’ve been doing this for years, you sometimes forget about what it’s like to be in their shoes. These kids were so interested in what we do and you could see the wheels turning in their minds about the future. Very cool experience. It takes you back!” It was a great event to be part of and Cincinnati Automation is happy to be involved with local STEM programs in general. STEM programs are helping the next generation see the importance these fields have in our everyday lives and how critical they will be in shaping the future of our world.

To learn more about STEM programs, visit the STEM page on the Department of Education website at or reach out to your local school district.