Cincinnati Automation Participates in the Spring Engineering Fair at a Local High School

Cincinnati Automation Senior Mechanical Engineer, Bart DeWard got a chance to get out of the office one day this week. He spent the entire day showcasing what Cincinnati Automation does as a small engineering company for a career fair at a local high school. He had the opportunity to speak with the students to explain how an engineering education can be put to use and encourage them to take a closer look at the opportunities for an education and career in this critical field.

Cincinnati Automation was able to provide a small inspection unit to demonstrate a “hands-on” experience for the kids to see and feel what they were able to view in the computer models Bart brought along with him to display. It was cool for the kids to see how the pneumatic tools interacted with the mechanical assembly and vision system in order to perform as the machine was intended from the computerized design Bart created.
If you have a program you would like to get involved in to help the engineers of tomorrow, don’t hesitate, get out and do it! And if you are in the Cincinnati area and have questions about this event, send an email to and someone from CA will get back to you.