Compact Inspection and Gaging Systems

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Compact Inspection and Gaging SystemsCincinnati Automation releases a new line of Compact Inspection and Gaging Systems designed for small injection molded parts, tube seals, gaskets, o-rings. These pass through inspection cabinets only require about 4 square feet of floor space.

The standard systems include a Keyence machine vision controller with a high speed camera(s) and LCD display. Parts can be manually loaded or transferred from customer’s existing feed systems into the inspection enclosure via an integrated LED back light conveyor. Good parts are blown down a chute out of the cabinet to customer’s bin/box. Bad parts are contained inside of the inspection machine cabinet.

Most systems include a user friendly touch screen HMI for quick and easy part number selection, good, bad and total parts inspected counts.

CA offers a complete line of these pass through inspection systems to process a wide range of part or assembly sizes. Optional items for the inspection systems typically include: vibratory feeder bowls for small component parts, servo or pneumatic pick and place systems for larger part loading, bar code scanner for part number and quantity entry, Industrial PC for pass/fail results data collection, and operator password entry & logging.