Compression Spring Inspection Machine

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Compression Spring Inspection MachineCincinnati Automation releases an automated inspection system designed to be used for over 40 part numbers of compression springs (and other round parts) from 4″ up to 10″ OD.

Parts are loaded in three 18″ high stacks with automatic stepper motor height controls. Three 3-finger grippers are used to pick parts from tops of stacks and to place them on the inspection conveyor.

A high resolution Keyence or Cognex vision camera system is installed above an LED backlight area for precise inspection/gaging of features such as ID, OD, and broken teeth.

Good parts are dropped down a chute to customer bins. Rejected parts are ejected inside of the cabinet into an internal container. Machine status and functions are displayed on an 8″ color touch screen HMI. An AB micrologix PLC controls all machine operations.