Highlighted project of the Week: Cincinnati Automation Assembly, Check and Packaging Machine

Cincinnati Automation built an assembly, check, and packaging machine to be installed as one of the final steps in a customer’s manufacturing process. The system integrated itself above a tote handling and loading conveyor. It used two feeder bowls with hopper systems to load the two final parts that needed to be assembled together- a grommet and a clip. Once the parts were assembled together, they were presented to the vision system for inspection. Upon inspection the parts either passed, or failed and were subsequently loaded into the totes below for packaging or kept in a hold bin for failed parts contained within the machine.

The inspection system included two 2MP Keyence cameras and an XG controller. It also incorporated a pneumatic pick, assembly, and place system to package the final product in the totes. The feeder bowls were custom designed and fitted to the machine to receive the raw parts to be assembled. The entire machine was installed into the customer’s existing line replacing a human function.

For questions about similar projects or potential applications send Cincinnati Automation an email to info@cincinnatiautomation.com.