Highlighted Project of the Week: Cincinnati Automation Kit Inspection Machine

Cincinnati Automation had an old customer reach out for a need for an additional kit inspection machine. They had purchased a kit inspection machine from CA about 7 years ago and loved the machine. However, the transmission part kit that is organized on the tray have changed slightly over the years and they figured out that they needed to design a new machine to inspect the parts to take into account those changes.

Their old machine only included a single, over-head camera looking straight down at the tray from above. This could easily differentiate all the parts on the old tray due to color, shape, size, and location. However, in their new tray kit, they had some identical parts from above in color, shape, and size, but they had a different height. With the camera looking straight down on the tray, it could not differentiate parts in the kit that were only different in height. CA was able to design a new machine for them to inspect the new kit both above and at an angle with two cameras to gather all the required data. The new machine satisfied all requirements of their inspection and was put into service along with the old machine.

If you have a part kit that you need additional quality assurance for and think CA could develop an inspection solution, send an email to info@cincinnatiautomation.com and someone from CA will get back to you.