Highlighted Project of the Week: Cincinnati Automation Molded Part Inspection and Material Handling System

Cincinnati Automation produced another pair of inspection machines. These machines are a variance on the standard seal inspection machines. First, they receive full lots of molded seals destined for aerosol cans at the base of the incline conveyor. Then, the conveyor begins the material handling process and transfers the parts into the feeder bowl. From there, the feeder bowl aligns the parts and delivers them onto the inspection belt which enters the inspection machine. The inspection consists of side and top cameras searching for flash, pitting, and other defects and also does a quick gage of part sizing. From there the parts are ejected into pass and fail containers.

This machine showcases the ability of Cincinnati Automation to not only manage the inspection of the molded parts, but also to control product movement from one station to the next. Cincinnati Automation was able to install these twin units on the end of the existing injection molding lines and then distribute the lot of material through the inspection zone and into passing and failing hold points. This variation of the standard seal inspection machine is one example of how Cincinnati Automation is able to customize the product to fit the customer’s needs.

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