Highlighted Project of the Week: Cincinnati Automation Paper Cup Bench – Top Inspection Machine

Cincinnati Automation built another version of its standard bench top inspection unit. This time it was to inspect a product that nearly every person has come across in their time: paper cups. Many of the nation’s paper cups are produced by one of the country’s largest paper companies in the Southeastern US. The company was having issues getting the height, lip thickness, and diameter within spec at all times, so they came to Cincinnati Automation to build them a machine to solve the problem.

The machine Cincinnati Automation built to solve these challenges is a small, hand loaded table top unit with a touch screen HMI, HD display, and touch button trigger. There is one camera, a Keyence controller, and back lighting. An operator loads a stack of cups into the machine and rests them on the inspection surface where the cups are then counted and inspected. A good/no-good signal is then given along with the dimensional data read-out. Machines like this are the simplest class of bench-top inspection units that Cincinnati Automation offers.

If you have an application for hand operated, touch button inspections system or similar type needs, send an email to info@cincinnatiautomation.com and someone from the sales department will get back to you.