Highlighted Project of the Week: Cincinnati Automation Robotic Assembly Verification System – Car Seats

Cincinnati Automation built an assembly verification system for a prominent car seat manufacturer. The machine received the finished child car seats on an infeed conveyor and then used a robot with an end-of-arm camera to check certain features around the seat: labels, belts, clips, brackets, etc. Once those checks were finished, the seat was picked up by a pick-and-place system and then inspected on the bottom before being deposited on either the passing exit conveyor or failing inspection station.

The inspection system one Cognex In-sight camera on the end of a Motoman 6-axis robot. The car seats were handled by multiple controlled conveyor systems and then picked and placed by a system of pneumatic cylinders and grippers. The good parts exited out of the side of the machine on a good conveyor, and the bad parts were placed on a subsequent inspection station table that would then open a special side door of the machine for an operator to interface with the failing product.

This particular project involved a child car seat, but it could be applied to any product line across any industry. For questions about similar projects or potential applications send Cincinnati Automation an email to info@cincinnatiautomation.com.