Highlighted Project of the Week: Cincinnati Automation Squeeze Tester Automated Vision System

Cincinnati Automation built a version of an assembly verification system that took parts directly out of an overlay injection press and oriented them with a feeder bowl where they were then received into a rotating inspection station. The inspection station used a pneumatic squeeze tester and vision system to confirm the overlay was properly injected into place and fully seated. From there the part moved to another inspection station to confirm a different set of features including presence of a through hole. If the inspections passed, the part exited the machine into a collection bin, if not, it would be kept in containment inside the machine.

The inspection system included four 5MP Keyence cameras on an XG-X vision controller. The automation included a cleated riser conveyor, custom feeder bowl, and pneumatic pick and place system. The access doors were interlocked and the system was controlled with an Allen Bradley PLC.

This machine could be applied to many product lines across industry. For questions about similar projects or potential applications send Cincinnati Automation an email to info@cincinnatiautomation.com.