Highlighted Project of the Week: Harsh Environment Inspection and Gaging Systems

Cincinnati Automation designed a fully enclosed in-line part inspection and gaging system that needed to be able to handle operating in harsh environments. As the system works, a compressor is used to purge the cabinet with clean, dry air. In doing so, positive pressure is provided which prevents the entering of dust and other contaminants that may be lingering in the surrounding environment.

The gaging system itself can be supplied with Cognex or Keyence machine vision inspection systems and/or Keyence precision lasers while the parts can be moved into the correct inspection position through a pass-through conveyor. The system also includes a chute where unsatisfactory parts are rejected if they don’t pass the given test.

If you need an inspection and gaging system that can stand a harsh industrial environment, send an email to info@cincinnatiautomation.com and someone from CA will get back to you.