Highlighted Project of the Week: Haze and Clarity Detection System with Bracket Gaging

A world leader in auto glass manufacturing came to Cincinnati Automation with an application to detect haze within some of their glass products. They had previously purchased units from Cincinnati Automation to gage bracket and mounting pin locations on the surface of the glass and asked if the haze detection was another problem that could be solved. The issue they were having was reliably detecting the haze that develops between layers of the glass when they are improperly or insufficiently sealed.

The solution developed by Cincinnati Automation involved a specific background that was able to see the haze in the areas it appeared and actually quantify the amount and density of the haze. Some levels of haze were acceptable due to down-stream processing and this needed to be monitored. In addition to the haze, as with the prior applications, there were brackets and pins present that needed to be gaged for location and tolerance.

Overall the application utilized three 5MP monochrome cameras to detect the haze and one 21MP camera with ultra-high resolution to gage the bracket and pin locations. Integrated into the machine was a material handling system that moved, lifted, and located the pieces of glass for the vision system to reliably inspect. This all communicated with the customer’s production line as it passed from their line, into the inspection cell, and then out of the inspection cell into their robot loading zone.

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