How Automation has Improved Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry has been booming with great advancements to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Because of the growing demand, pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to ensure accuracy while ramping up production. Here are a few ways that automation has helped ensure accuracy and safety.

Laboratory Robotics

As with many industries, robotics are becoming more important than ever in the manufacturing process. While the pharmaceutical industry has typically been slow to adopt robotics in the lab, many are finally coming around to the benefits and implementing them with great results.

Robotics allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to not only produce medicines at a much faster rate but also help with development of new solutions. New processes allow researchers to test potential new drugs with an ease and accuracy unavailable to them before.

Inspection and packaging

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are capable of producing millions of tablets per week, and due to their nature they must work hard to ensure that every single tablet is safe and produced with exacting specifications. Obviously, this would be impossible for humans alone to keep up with, which is why automation is crucial for the industry.

Automation employs a variety of techniques to not only ensure that each tablet and pill contains the correct chemical composition but that each bottle is properly and safely packaged with the correct amount of medicine as well.

Personalized Medicine

Due to the wide variety of genetic differences, most people will receive the same treatment for a condition as everyone else. The issue this presents is that everyone’s bodies will react differently, potentially creating a wide variety of undesirable side effects.

Fortunately, automation may provide the solution to this problem by enabling manufacturers to quickly produce personalized medicines for people in mass quantities without interruption to daily production. Not only does automation allow the manufacturing process to make changes on the fly, but it also allows scientists to test an individual’s genomes quicker than ever with more accuracy.

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