Kit Inspection Systems for Pharmaceutical and Industrial Customers

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Kit Inspection SystemsCincinnati Automation releases new Kit Inspection Systems designed for medical devices, pharmaceutical and general purpose industrial customers that want to verify correct components placed in specified slots in trays or boxes.

These inspection systems can be bench top or floor standing. The systems include either a Keyence or Cognex machine vision controller with one or more cameras, diffuse white top lighting and LCD display. In addition to verifying correct component parts in slots, the inspection systems can be programmed to verify correct part orientation and color.

Kit trays are manually placed on the inspection system work surface where they are automatically detected and held in place with locking pins. Good kit trays are released to the operator after inspection. Bad kit trays are held in place for immediate rework. Missing and/or wrong components are highlighted on the large LCD vision display so the operator can easily correct problems in process.

The systems include a re-inspect button, so the modified kit trays can be confirmed to be good prior to release. A password protected override features allows supervisors to remove kit trays that cannot be reworked in process. The systems include a user friendly touch screen HMI for quick and easy part number selection, good, bad and total kit trays inspected counts.

CA offers a complete line of these kit inspection systems to process a wide range of container sizes. Optional items typically include: label printers, indexing flat belt conveyors or pick and place systems for kit tray loading for inspection, bar code scanner for part number and quantity entry, Industrial PC for pass/fail results data collection, and operator password entry & logging.