New Line of Automated Assembly and Inspection Machines

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Automated Assembly & InspectionCincinnati Automation releases a new line of automated assembly & inspection machines designed for 2-3 component assembly, test and checks. These systems include 2-3 feeder bowls typically rated at 30ppm each.

Component parts are fed to escapements for loading into nests mounted on either a dial table or a timing belt indexing conveyor.

Systems generally include a press cylinder, welder, adhesive dispenser, or vision guided robot for assembly. Servo-pneumatic pick-places are used for loading and unloading parts.

Keyence or Cognex vision systems confirm correct assembly and/or inspect components prior to allowing assembly. Good assemblies are counted and advanced out of the machine while bad parts are moved off-line to a customer reject bin.

A PLC controls and an HMI displays all machine functions which include operator settings for full box counts. An optional material handling conveyor automatically advances full boxes away and new empty boxes into the packing area.