New Line of Automated Laser Gaging Systems

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Automated Laser Gaging SystemCincinnati Automation releases a new line of automated laser gaging systems to measure and record ID, OD, length, run out, roundness, thickness of precision parts.

The systems typically include Keyence line profiling or single point laser displacement sensors mounted to servo positioning devices to accommodate a wide range of part sizes. Larger parts are manually loaded on to a rotary dial table with integrated part nest or another part holding device specifically designed for the part shape/size.

Smaller parts are either bowl fed or escaped from a magazine cartridge system to the gaging area. CA’s control systems include an Industrial PC for measurement results data collection, AB PLC and user friendly 8″ color touch screen HMI for machine functions.

Optional items typically include: laser micrometer, machine vision inspection camera(s), bar code scanner, label printer, precision weigh scale, and material handling packing conveyor. Final machine layout and part nest configuration is based on specific customer part shape/size.