Large Molded, Stamped or Machined Parts Inspection

Large Molded, Stamped or Machined Parts Inspection This system was designed to be used to inspect and laser gage a wide variety of large molded, stamped, formed or machined parts.

It included an in-feed conveyor with a custom designed part inverter and positioning system.

A high resolution Cognex machine vision camera was programmed to verify correct part number and presence of certain features on each part. The camera also determined the final part position in x-y-theta. It sent these coordinates to a 3 axis Cartesian robot for further part gaging using an Omron precision line profiling laser.

Measurement data was collected and entered into a formula to determine overall pass or fail of each part. Good parts were sent down one lane and bad parts down a different lane of the off load conveyor. All machine functions were controlled with an AB SLC-500 PLC and displayed on a color touch screen HMI. The large frames included Plexiglas and plastic cover panels, interlocked access doors, fork lift channels and multiple leveling pads.

Large Molded, Stamped or Machined Parts Inspection Large Molded, Stamped or Machined Parts Inspection 

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Monday, July 29, 2019
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