Day / Lot Code

Day / Lot Code Inspection SystemOnline EZVision I2X & Cognex vision systems verify correct day/lot codes on parts.The EZVision™ Turn Key System performs the following inspection(s) based on the following criteria:

•  Part: Shampoo Bottles
•  Part Dimensions: 2oz.: 1-1/4" O.D.; 1l: 3-1/2" O.D.
•  Desired Accuracy: Correct/ Incorrect code
•  Difference between a conforming and non-conforming part:   Conforming parts must have a code legible to the machine vision system. Definition subject to qualification part sample set.
•  Part Speed: 1 foot/second; 180 parts per minute
•  Allowable time for each inspection: 333ms
• Part Fixturing: Not fixtured
• Part Placement tolerance: Loose

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Monday, July 29, 2019
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