Automated Inspection Machines for Child Car Seats

Automated Inspection Machine, Cognex vision & Motoman robot for assembly verification. The Cognex Insight 4000 is a powerful vision sensor capable of high speed, high accuracy inspection. There are two modes of operation for the Insights, Off line and Online.

The off line mode allows the administrator to snap images, assign vision tools, and test them before the part is actually run through the machine. Online mode is the automatic mode of the camera. In this mode, a signal is sent to the Insight, an image is snapped, tools are run, and a Pass/Fail result is output.

The robot setup is pre-programmed as well as the machine vision patterns tools. Each of these points correspond to an inspection setup in the Cognex Insight. On inspection setup, the robot is programmed to move to the correct point. The image at this point would be snapped, and the vision tools would be placed. This would be repeated, until the entire inspection set was completed.