Catheter Inspection Stations

The Automated Inspection Station has been designed to perform an automated visual inspection of pressurized and evacuated catheters. With the modification of part fixtures it may be reconfigured to inspect a variety of other parts. The Automated inspection Station consists of the following systems:

    • A vision system consisting of an EZVision™ I2X machine vision system.
    • A motion control system consisting of an Intelligent Actuator ICS-2 axis motion controller.
    • A pressure/ vacuum system consisting of a Tescom 3000 pressure controller, a vacuum generator and associated solenoid valves and piping.
    • The Tescom 3000 provides control for 450-psi air to the part to be inspected. The vacuum generator is driven by air and provides up to 15” Hg. Of vacuum to evacuate the part to be inspected.