Cup Inspection System

This benchtop system was developed and programmed for in process audit inspections of paper (plastic) cups that were from 3” to 4.125” diameter.

The final configuration of the system had a cup nest with a manual centering device to orient the full range of cup sizes directly in front of the high-resolution camera and backlight. Cups were rotated and stopped in multiple positions for additional measurements such as rim diameter, rim thickness, rim-rim gap and others. The system utilized a Keyence Vision Controller with 5MP camera for all measurements. The data was collected and displayed locally on the vision screen during tests. After each test run, the data was transmitted to customer’s file location for SPC.

A micro-PLC and a color touch screen HMI were used to control this machine and for quick easy cup size selection. All electrical components were housed inside a Nema-12 enclosure in the back of the system. The small footprint benchtop cabinet design allowed this system to be used inside customer’s quality control lab.