Cutting Tool Inspection and Gaging Machine

This machine was designed for final inspecting and gaging of diamond tipped cutting-drill bits.

The machine had a part loading drawer where several drill bits were placed into slots. A 6 axis Fanuc LR Mate robot with suction cup EOAT was programmed to pick bits, present them to a wash-dry station, and the position them in front of a high precision 2D laser micrometer and multiple inspection cameras. These instruments were programmed to detect chip defects on the perimeter cutting edges along with a range of sidewall and top-end surface visual defects that might impact part performance.

A PC based control system with Lab View and I/O cards was utilized in this machine. All electrical components were housed inside a Nema-12 enclosure in the bottom front of the system. This turnkey robotic inspection and gaging system was designed and programmed to process a wide range of diamond tipped drill bits used in the oil and gas industry.