Friction Pad Inspection

Machine #458 is an inspection system which verifies correct friction pad size & orientation on truck brake assembly.

There is a conveyor delivering the part into a two-camera inspection area.

Attached to the conveyor are two diffused mode optical sensors and corresponding stops for part placement and staging. Each camera is mounted to a RoboCylinder slide; camera placement is determined by the size of the part.

There is a pusher system to correctly place the part on the conveyor. After a successful inspection of the part, the stops lower releasing the part. This also allows the next part into the inspection area.

For control purposes, a NEMA12 electrical enclosure, a five button two line display, and a PC with Cincinnati Automation’s EZVision I4C™ Software is also included. The system ships standard with five parts setup in the vision system, but is capable of storing up to 7000 individual parts.