Haze and Clarity Detection with Bracket Gaging System

A four camera Keyence XG-X vision system with three 5MP cameras and one 21MP camera was used as the inspection system for this unit. The inspection system was used to inspect auto glass for haze between the layers of glass and gage the position of the mounting bracket and pins. A custom background with back lighting was used to detect the haze. The 5MP cameras looked down at the glass and into the background and used it to quantify the amount and density of haze across the piece of glass. The bracket and pins were then gaged in relation to one another with the 21MP camera to a very tight tolerance.

Also included in the machine was a material handling system that moved the glass from the customer’s conveyor line into the unit where it was then lifted and located for the inspections to take place before passing through the system and back into the production area. Allen Bradley PLC controls and IAI servos were used for this system.