Sunroof Forming, Test & Inspection Machine

This machine was designed to assist operators in final forming, testing and inspecting of glass sunroofs.

These machines were provided with a gas spring assist sliding drawer for easy full access glass loading. The systems had multiple quick changeover nests to accommodate a range of sunroof sizes. Each nest had a series of adjustable press pads that were locked into positions based on the desired final shape of the glass sunroof. Heavy duty pressing cylinders compressed the top nest plate over the fixed bottom nest plate. A temperature sensor tied into the main controller verified the glass was at the proper condition before final forming.

A Siemens PLC and touch screen HMI were the main controls utilized in these machines. All electrical components were housed inside a Nema-12 enclosure in the back of the machine. Wiring was neatly routed through Panduit and extrusion channels. The bottom plate of the machine was designed to be a broken glass collection funnel and it included a mounting rack on the lower frame for customer’s trash bin/box.