Teflon Seal Inspection Machine

This machine was designed for final inspection of Teflon piston seals that were from 28mm to 40mm diameter and from 0.58mm to 0.73mm thick at an inspection rate of 90ppm.

The machine had a vibratory feeder bowl with inline track that oriented, separated and fed small flat ring-shaped Teflon seals out for inspection. The system utilized dual independent Keyence Vision Controllers with 5MP color cameras to check seals for ID, OD size along with top surface defects. A 1D laser micrometer was programmed to detect deformed seals that were out of tolerance for height or for potato chip shape. A dual belt conveyor with inverter wheel was used to flip seals over for bottom surface inspections. Rejects were blown off the conveyor belts into bins contained inside the cabinet. Good seals that pass all inspections were blown into customer’s bin-box.

An AB PLC and a color touch screen HMI were used to control this machine. All electrical components were housed inside a Nema-12 enclosure in the side of the system. All of the mechanical components with attached to a vertical tooling plate housed inside a tubular steel frame. The system has 6 electrically interlocked access doors for easy service and PM cleaning.