Transmission Valve Kits

Keyence CV5000 series vision controller with a high resolution color camera was used to verify the presence and correct orientation of 69 small transmission components in plastic trays manually loaded by operators.

The Keyence vision system was programmed to save failed images and to report pass/fail data to customer’s computer. Trays that passed inspection were released out of the system.

Trays that failed any of the 69 inspections were held in place with locking pins. Those trays were reworked in process and then re-inspected by the system until they passed all inspections. A touch screen HMI was used to display good/bad counts and for quick and easy tray part number selection.

The HMI could also be used for password protected manual override for trays that could not be reworked in process. The inspection camera was installed above the work surface along with high frequency fluorescent lighting.