Tray Inspection System

This automated inspection system was developed and programmed for in process inspections of cam holder trays that were roughly 22”x22”.

The system was operator loaded after they installed all parts on the trays. Once they filled the tray with parts, the operator pushed the tray into the inspection area. If the tray passed inspection for correct part in correct location, the conveyor moved the tray into the packing area of the cell. If the tray failed the inspection, the conveyor moved the tray into the rework area of the cell for a line lead to fix. The system utilized a Keyence Vision Controller with 5MP camera for all inspections. The data was collected and displayed locally on the vision screen during tests as well as sent to the shop floor management system for label creation and tracking. After each test run, the data was transmitted to customer’s file location for part tracking.

A micro-PLC and a color touch screen HMI were used to control this machine and switch between part numbers. All electrical components were housed inside a Nema-12 enclosure in the back of the system. The compact footprint and work surfaces allowed for this unit to be directly integrated into the customer’s line processes.