Rental Inspection Machines

Maximize Efficiency and Profitability

Efficiency is the backbone of profitability, and our Rental Inspection Machines are engineered to maximize both. By automating the inspection process, these machines significantly reduce the time and labor traditionally required, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively and increase your inventory turnover. This heightened efficiency not only boosts your bottom line but also enhances your competitive edge, enabling you to offer faster, more reliable service than ever before.

Features of Rental Inspection Machines:
  • Customized Inspection and Gaging Systems
  • One-Time Setup Fee and Training Install
  • Monthly Rental Rate with Remote Support
  • Fraction of the Cost of a New Machine
  • Rent to Own Options Available
  • Multiple Camera and Resolution Options
  • Good, Bad, and Total Parts Counters
  • Saved Images and Data Transfer Options
  • Auto Rejects Containment Inside Cabinet
  • Programmed for Quick Part Change Over