For years, Cincinnati Automation has had the opportunity to work with other companies to solve their quality assurance problems. Cincinnati Automation puts a strong focus on customer service and wants all our customers to feel like their needs were at the core of each project. Below are testimonials from several past customers who wanted to showcase the kind of product and service that Cincinnati Automation was able to provide to them.

“Cincinnati Automation was chosen from six potential vendors. We worked closely together on the design to make sure all of our performance and data acquisition needs were met. The hardware selection (Cognex + Motoman + Allen Bradley) is first rate, and the integration and build of the system was well-engineered. We are inspecting about 25 features on our product with a cycle time of 40 seconds. The system gives us the flexibility to turn any inspection on or off as needed, as well as create or change inspection routines. We received good on-site installation support, and now the system is running well on all shifts. I am very pleased with their efforts from design through implementation making this extremely visible project a success!”

Michael C. – Project Engineer, Consumer Products Company

“My company selected a large integrator for a multiple vision system OCV project. The systems looked great, but were very hard to program, never really worked, and eventually became dust collectors. Cincinnati Automation offered to re-work the systems and develop a user friendly teach screen. The first system came in on schedule, working properly, and with an easy to setup operator interface.”

Josh K. – Engineer, Consumer Products Company

“I want to take a minute to thank C.A. for the timely work done on our new vision system. The previous vision system had failed and we were down with no option other than replacement. This was due to the fact that the company that sold us the previous system was no longer in business. As it turned out C.A. installed a system in a very short period of time. C.A.’s quick response saved money for my company and a large number of hours of manual labor to sort product. The new system is much easier for the operators to use, which means less time for support personnel to assist in job setups. I just want to say thanks for a job well done!”

Rick – Facility Engineer, Printing Company

“Cincinnati Automation developed a vision system for us to ensure we were sending each customer their specific information. They were the most responsive of the vendors that we considered in developing a potential solution. In addition to being a very cost effective, Cincinnati’s solution considered not just the vision aspect, but also how the operators would interact with the system. We expected that the vision system would slow our process down slightly, but they designed it in such a way that it did not slow it at all.”

Terry D. – Production Support Engineer, Financial Services

“In looking for a provider of “turn key” solutions to solving customer quality escapes off my older automated assembly equipment, I had three objectives in mind. The first was to locate a source who is creative along with flexible to fully understanding my customer needs. The second objective was to seek a supplier who could provide technical expertise and after the sale support. The final requirement was responsiveness both in completing the job on time as well as responding to questions and inquiries as they arose. My experience with Cincinnati Automation has been very satisfactory in all these areas.”

Dave – Quality & Technical Support

“Many of our engineers doubted that vision system technology would work for our application. We had over a hundred different graphic images associated with one product. For each production run, we had to scan to check for mixed product. Cincinnati Automation and Cognex developed a system that met our expectations and proved to the nay sayers that vision technology is an affordable, reliable and effective tool for 21st century manufacturing.”

Dane B. – Senior Industrial Engineer, Plastic Injection

“We are a metal fabricator and precision machine shop. I had what I thought was a very difficult application to confirm features on a shiny metal part. The guys at Cincinnati Automation were very helpful with my application needs in both the sales and training. The system has been working great for a few years now!”

Dave M. – Manufacturing Manager Metal Fabrication

“Following the installation of the system, Cincinnati Automation’s support has always been there when we needed it. Even when there were some challenges with some product variations, Cincinnati quickly helped develop a flexible solution that again had more value than expected.”

Terry D. – Production Support Engineer, Financial Services

“D+S Distribution is a supply chain provider of warehousing and distribution solutions, providing specialized labor support projects that add value in the manufacturing environment. We had a project sorting retail plastic hangers for resale that had evolved from a manual to an automated vision system. Unfortunately, the 1st generation automated system could not achieve minimum capacity requirements. We selected Cincinnati Automation to spec and design a system to meet and exceed minimum capacity output required in this high volume sorting environment. The CA team was open and collaborative, infusing their experience with ours to create the first cost effective automated hanger sorting solution in the U.S. We look forward to starting our next project with Cincinnati Automation.”

Loi M. – Administrator, Supply Chain Provider

“My company had an application for a vision system on a sorting machine for automatic sorting of loose pages of magazines for re-use in the manufacturing process. The sorting machine had an obsolete vision system that had failed and no repair parts were available. With time being critical, Cincinnati Automation analyzed our need and made a recommendation on a replacement system with “off the shelf” parts to help us avoid the obsolescence problem in the future. Cincinnati Automation’s team of controls specialists did a great job of getting us back up and running as quickly as possible. They were very professional, easy to work with and followed through on their commitment to us.”

Fred – Plant Lead Engineer, a Major Printing Company

“My company recently presented Cincinnati Automation with a very challenging vision system application. The guys at Cincinnati Automation were very helpful in solving my company’s vision system application both in sales and installation/training. The system is working great and both shop floor and engineering personnel are satisfied with the results. Thanks again to the guys at Cincinnati Automation for a job well done.”

Jeff – Manufacturing Engineer, Consumer Products