The Benefits of Automated Inspection Systems for Manufacturing

Imagine there’s a food processing plant in front of you. There are hundreds of fruits moving at a fast speed along its conveyor belt. There is absolutely no way a human being with the naked eye can locate all of the problematic fruits before the packaging process. The speed with which the process works, it is impossible for the workforce to ensure good quality control in this scenario. Instead, what will work is an automated inspection system.

Inspecting the quality of nuts, small fruits or other edible items is easier for robots that have tracking capabilities. They are able to ensure that none of the bad products go through to packaging, without slowing down the whole manufacturing process. Here is a look at exactly what you will achieve by opting for an automated inspection system for your manufacturing quality control needs.

Consistent Quality

The industrial automation process entails the production of high quality products on a consistent basis. This is because of the fact that the system has been programmed to root out problematic products. The automated inspection systems in manufacturing are equipped with appropriate optical sensors that allow them to determine height, widths and length, thereby eliminating all the variants and ensure consistency.

Sensor Accuracy

The main purpose of an automated inspection system is to understand. When it understands, it is able to ensure that the product quality is consistent. Utilizing lighting, lenses and cameras, the system can achieve that and much more.

When an automated inspection system shines a light on items moving through the conveyor belt, the light reflects and passes through the lens and into the camera. The camera image needs to be consistent with the pre-defined requirements. If there is any issue, the automated inspection system sends an instruction to another machine in the manufacturing line, which then removes the faulty piece. With humans involved in the inspection process, the whole process of item inspection and removal can take a few to several minutes, without the guarantee of complete accuracy.

On the other hand, automated inspection systems can do all this in the blink of an eye and with 100 percent accuracy all the time.

You Get To Define The Requirements

You will find automated inspection systems very useful for expediting the manufacturing process. Since you get to decide the requirements that enable the system to recognize faulty parts, you can expect the automated inspection system to perform exactly the way you need it to.

Final Thoughts

Companies stand to gain a lot when they employ an automated inspection system for their manufacturing process. It is designed to minimize costs of labor by reducing the number of people needed to employ the assembly line for inspection. It also provides more opportunities to skilled labor to maintain the machinery. All the time saved by speeding up the manufacturing process can ultimately result in substantial profits for companies. For more information, feel free to contact us at Cincinnati Automation!