Tube (Run Out) Gaging Machine

From: Marketing Department @ Cincinnati Automation

Tube (Run Out) Gaging MachineCincinnati Automation releases a precision Tube Gaging Machine designed to check run out and diameter of various sizes of tubular parts to an accuracy of 0.001”. The gaging system could also be programmed to inspect the smoothness of tube surfaces.

The machine included a Keyence LK-H series high speed laser displacement sensor with controller and dual LED display. Tubes were manually loaded onto a motor driven rotary air bearing assembly where they were rotated by a programmable VFD at the desired speed. The precision laser gaging sensor moved up/down the tubes via a programmable servo slide.

The system included a user friendly touch screen HMI for quick and easy part number selection, good, bad and total part counts. CA’s inspection and gaging systems are typically programmed to transmit pass/fail results to customer’s PC for ongoing data collection. CA has integrated other laser displacement sensors into existing large tube forming lines where offline gaging is not practical.

CA offers a complete line of gaging and inspection systems to process a wide range of part sizes. These systems could include laser displacement sensors, laser micrometers or 2D profiling lasers along with the material handling and automation to support the project requirements.