What You Should Know Before Moving to Automated Inspection

To reduce the costs and the risk of bad inspections, industry experts are gradually moving towards automated systems. Quality products have always been the major factor that creates a difference between the good manufacturers and the bad ones. Using automated inspection systems is one way to ensure the manufacturing of high quality components.

By using computer visual technology, these inspection systems are responsible to check parts for any defects such as dimensional abnormalities, deformations, dents, scratches, and other faults. For long-term projects, automated inspection systems are more cost-saving than manual ones.

However, before looking to purchase an automated inspection system, you have to consider some factors which are outlined below.


All the companies that are opting for automation have to consider their investment. Usually, the investment will pay off. Since manual examination is more expensive than automated inspection, the cost-saving factor is what motivates the companies to take this step. If the automated inspection systems are programmed correctly, then the risk of producing faulty parts due to poor inspection is reduced. Apart from the defects, the system is also able to detect anomalies. Then relevant corrections could be made to avoid the production of faulty parts.


One type of these systems is used for surface inspection, while the other one is for dimensional measurement. The production of dimensional-measurement systems is easier. On the other hand, surface inspection is difficult.

There are two challenges which the companies normally face. Firstly, communicating with the computer regarding the defects is difficult. Secondly, a new defect has to be noted before its correction. Additionally, there are some factors which have to be accounted for in order to come to a decision regarding the size of defects.


Although the chances of an automated system error are minimal, reducing the manual labor force can sometimes result in decreased efficiency. Occasionally, areas with faults can be hidden by shadows and the machine might overlook that specific part. Normally, these limitations are due to the incapability in designing the system. It is recommended that you buy authentic machines from a reliable vendor such as Cincinnati Automation.

In case of an error, a human operator can take a further look to check for any fault. However, a machine is limited to do so. During the design process of these automated machines, each defect condition has to be considered. Failure to find customized approaches will result in the production of faulty parts.

The customer complaints have reduced due to the introduction of automated inspection systems. Moreover, “smart systems” are based on artificial intelligence and can train themselves to improve their efficiency in picking faults. If you are searching for a reliable company that can provide you automated inspection systems, then you can contact Cincinnati Automation.